Pre-ETS Academy

The Pre-ETS academy focuses on 3 main components: Exploration, Identification, and Implementation. These components will drive program activities and services provided. Targeting 9th and 10th graders, the Pre-ETS Academy will assist the participant in strengthening their advocacy and sense of agency utilizing a project-based, experiential learning approach. Participants will have the opportunity to explore a career interest through a community based lens and then develop a project that addresses a community issue through their career interest. Participants will not only gain a better understanding of their career field of interest, they will learn more about the role they play in their community and how they can positively contribute.

  1. Exploration
    • Participants will explore different careers through class and experiential learning experiences to gain better understanding of career options
    • Participants will explore community resources and issues to gain an understanding of community needs
    • Participants will explore opportunities that facilitate that develop of advocacy and action.
  2. Identification
    • After research, participants will identify one short-term career and one long-term career of interest.
    • Participants will identify the skills, attire, and workplace behavior of employees in this career field.
    • Participants will create a project plan to obtain the career of their interest
    • Student will identify a key community issue to explore in depth
  3. Implementation
    • Participants will understand the difference between a cover letter, resume, and application
    • Participants will gain experience in filling out federal government documentation (w-2,i-9)
    • Participants will be able to articulate their long-term career goal and advocate effectively in IEP team meetings on how to reach this goal.