Intern Resources

Here are some useful resources for interns in the CEO program:

  • 2020 CEO Intern Manual
    The intern manual contains all CEO Program policies and procedures.
  • Example Professional Email
    Here is an example of the formatting for a professional email.
  • How to tie a tie
    A tie is an important part of a man’s business attire. Here are two videos that show you how to tie a tie.
  • Occupational Profiles
    Use this site to explore the variety of careers that are available in your area of interest.
  • College Search Tool
    Wondering which colleges might be a great fit for you? Use this site to find colleges and universities that match your preferences.
  • Career Interest Survey
    Wondering what careers might fit your interests and skills? Take this career interest survey to discover the careers that you might enjoy!
  • Career Interest Survey (2)
    This is another Career Interest Survey that is similar to the tool above. Never hurts to use more than one source! This is another tool that can help you identify some careers that may be to your liking.