CEO Mentor Application is Open!
Competitive Employment Opportunities (CEO) seeks professionals who want to share their passion for their work with a DCPS high school student. CEO is a manageable commitment for mentors that makes a meaningful impact for students. Apply today!

Mentor FAQs

What is the CEO Program?

The program has three components, and student-interns are expected to fulfill each:

  • Professional Developments: From January to June, students attend professional developments twice per month, after school. Topics include conflict resolution, netiquette, basic banking and resume building.
  • Career-Focused Project Sessions with Mentors: From February to June, students attend mentoring sessions. Each student collaborates with their mentor on a project that reflects the work in their field of interest. Students present this project in June.
  • 80-hour Summer Internship: Students who successfully complete the Professional Development and Career-Focused Project series are eligible for an 80-hour summertime internship. The internship takes place at the mentor’s place of employment.

How do I become a CEO Program mentor?

To become a CEO Program mentor please visit the Interested Mentors / Partners section of our website and complete a mentor application. After you complete a mentor application we will contact you to discuss next steps. We would love to have you!

What are the responsibilities of a CEO Program mentor?

CEO Program mentors attend bi-monthly career focused project sessions in person in order to assist interns with the design and completion of a project that demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary for success at the workplace. CEO Program mentors also serve as the primary supervisor for interns during the 80-hour summer internship.

What are the mentor time commitments?

Career focused project sessions take place bi-monthly on either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. This adds up to roughly a four hour time commitment each month. CEO Program mentors also serve as the primary supervisor for interns for 80 hours during the summer internship.

Is the CEO Program free for mentors and partner organizations?

Yes, the CEO Program is free for mentors and partner organizations. There is no monetary cost to participate, as interns are paid through a partnership between DC Public Schools and DC Department on Disability Services, Rehabilitation Services Administration. Mentors and partner organization are not required to pay interns for the 80-hour summer internship.

What is the career focused project?

The career focused project is a project that demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary for success in an interns career field of interest. The focus of each project is determined by the intern and mentor during the first two career focused project sessions. CEO Program staff are available to assist with project ideas if necessary.

Could you please give me an example of a career focused project?

Of course. Below are five examples of excellent projects from previous years.

  • Mentor Organization: Architect of the Capitol / Project: Intern created a 3-D design of a music studio
  • Mentor Organization: NASA / Project: Intern gave a presentation on the landing of the Mars Rover
  • Mentor Organization: HSC / Project: Intern researched and gave a talk on Diabetes
  • Mentor Organization: Advisory Board / Project: Interns created business plan for a non-profit
  • Mentor Organization: Northrop Grumman / Project: Intern presented the steps to become an engineer

Where are the mentoring sessions held?

Career focused project sessions are held in person at DC Public Schools Central Office 1200 First Street NE Washington, DC 20002. Virtual or hybrid are not an option at this time.

What does the 80-hour summer internship look like?

The internship takes place at the mentor’s place of employment. The mentor is the primary supervisor and is responsible for assigning meaningful job duties to their mentee. Because students are compensated for their time through CEO, mentors are not responsible for payroll or timesheets. The CEO program coordinator will assist with creating a schedule for the intern to complete at least 80 hours.