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Competitive Employment Opportunities (CEO) seeks professionals who want to share their passion for their work with a DCPS high school student. CEO is a manageable commitment for mentors that makes a meaningful impact for students. Apply today!

Mentor Resources

Here you will find links to resources that we have compiled to support our CEO Mentors. Many of these resources are not specific to the CEO Program. Rather, they are tools that can be used by anyone who is interested in better understanding career focused mentoring for students with disabilities.

  • 2024 Mentor Manual 


          The mentor manual contains all CEO Program policies and procedures.

  • Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

          CEO Mentor FAQ 2023

  • CEO Intern Project Bank
    The CEO Intern Project Bank includes project outlines that can be used in a variety of office settings. Feel free to use and/or modify these projects as you see fit. Always feel free to reach out to CEO staff for assistance in implementing these projects.
  • Other Summer Internship Project Ideas
    These are other summer internship project ideas that are not as built out as the Project Bank above, but can still provide some inspiration for useful tasks your intern can undertake over the summertime.
  • Disabilities and the Mentoring Relationship
    This short handout includes strategies for working with youth with disabilities as well as some generic information on disability disclosure.
  • The 411 On Disability Disclosure for Adults
    This comprehensive workbook provides information about disability disclosure, perceptions and misconceptions, advantages and disadvantages, as well as rights and responsibilities under the law. This is a long document, but it is a must read for mentors who are not well versed in disability disclosure practices.
  • The Disabilities Context
    This purpose of this document is to help those who work in mentoring programs serving youth with disabilities understand the following disability-related concepts and information:
    1. Labels, language, and portrayal.
    2. Disability definitions.
    3. Accommodations and assistive technology.
    4. Legislation relevant to people with disabilities.
  • Stages of a Mentor Relationship
    This handout provides guidance on building and maintaining relationships.
  • Goal Setting and Decision Making
    This resource covers the basics of goal setting and decision making. This resource may be useful when setting goals for your intern’s career focused project
  • Getting Your Intern Started
    This resource is adapted from the “Employers’ Guide” Building a Quality Internship Program” created by UNLV Career Services and includes a checklist, common concerns, as well as a learning objectives worksheet
  • Understanding Autism-An Employer’s Guide
  • Business Plan Templates: Interns who are interested in business may enjoy creating a business plan for their Career-Focused Project. Below are three different varieties of a business plan template your intern can use for this purpose.
    1. PowerPoint Business Plan Template
    2. Simple Business Plan Template
    3. Robust Business Plan Template

Disability fact sheets

These resources offers tips for maximizing the potential or your employee with autism and fostering a supportive work environment: